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... to succeed, what you want to do yourself!

Hand tools

Only those who know how to do the job properly can make tools better - we know the applications we design products for!

Wood products

We value wood that has been cultivated in sustainably managed forest areas and takes short distances to our production partners.


We only sell pollutant-free products that we have tested ourselves.

Product quality is our top priority.

As a small family business, the company was founded in 1988 as a timber and furniture trade.

Since 2015, we are using the new opportunities to sell online and are rebuilding our product range.

Products from us are marketed under the name make-self.

Today we like to use the large trading platform Amazon and ebay to distribute our products through their logistics and awareness.

Much experience in the tool business is behind one or the other newly created product.

Product quality and short distances are our top priority. Therefore you will not find any subsidized products from Asia.

Our products are produced in Germany, even those we do not produce and commission ourselves.