New tool: Drill marker for pot hinges

Drill marker mark x T1 for pot hinges and push to open fittings, grain gauge


For exact center punching of drilling groups for commercially available pot hinges and System 32 fittings.

Robust center punch gauge milled from solid aluminium,


the grain tips are worm screws M4x8mm made of stainless steel according to DIN 914, easy to change and available everywhere, of course also from us!

  • No time-consuming measuring of the distance measurements necessary, only the middle position must be marked, so that the pot hinges fit correctly.
  • Whether in the workshop or on the assembly line, the little helper is always ready for action and is quickly indispensable in everyday life.
  • With one punch on the template the complete drilling group of the pot or the base plate is punched.

  • The grain tips mark the drilling or screwing position into any surface whether coatings or solid wood, the pot hinge sits at the end exactly and at right angles to the furniture edge.


Marking pot band drilling groups is very time-consuming and laborious if you cannot do the work with stationary automatic drilling machines and are not equipped for it. Again and again there are situations that require manual marking and drilling of potting tapes, whether in the carpenter's workshop, on assembly or in the private area.


If the holes of the cross plate in the cabinet body do not fit the drilling group of the pot hinge, the door hangs crooked, the pot hinge retracts and is unusable and defective after a few years.To ensure that all your hinges fit perfectly in the future, we have come up with this punch gauge. Of course, there are also inexpensive marking templates made of plastic, but these grains do not simultaneously indicate the position of the drilling group.  As a result, I either have to punch again afterwards or I can only position the drill on the crack. Anyone who has ever tried to position a 35mm drill exactly on the incipient crack will quickly notice that this does not always work reliably due to the diamete.


Our goal was to build an easy to use drill marker with which you can accurately mark almost all common cup hinges, mounting base plates and other fittings such as push to open and the tool has a long life and is not a disposable item. We rely on quality products that are designed for eternity.

How does this work with the MAKE-SELF mark x T1 drill marker?

push to open


Drill marker mark x T1 Order N° 40 101

1 Anodised aluminium drill marker

5 M4 x 8mm setscrews DIN 914 stainless steel

2 Spare grub screws

1 Allen key 2mm


UVP 29,50 € Brutto

24,79 € Netto

Instructions, dimensions:


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